Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Insulation is expenive

The insulation contractor came by yesterday to give an estimate. He only felt comfortable giving pricing for the attic and crawlspace. He said he's going to talk to his boss, the owner, to see what he thinks about the interior wall.

The total estimate was around $3200 for both spaces. I am not sure what we should do next. Should we just pull the trigger and get it scheduled? Should we wait and try to find another company to do a bid? Perhaps that would be the best idea. To at the very least get another bid. But from who? I had a hell of a time finding "Clean Crawl" to begin with.

Those house things that I can't/won't do myself are the most annoying to me. I'm annoyed at the idea of having to find someone who is reputable and won't take me for a huge ride. Where do you go to find those people? Are they out there? If so, where?

Anyone who wants to install insulation, a patio and a new fence please come on by my place. I'll welcome you with open arms.

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