Friday, September 7, 2007

The Long Awaited Patio

Last night Molly and I met with Dan Yarger who is a Landscape Designer and Contractor. He spent about an hour and a half going over his ideas for our yard. Several of the ideas he came up with were great! Nothing that I would have thought of but that make perfect sense. One is to put a planting bed between the house and the Patio. I was thinking of running the patio right up to the foundation but his idea is much more inviting. It would also help to hide the "Pink" stone facade which is a big bonus. He also thought that we should use a hedge rather than a fence to surround the patio and then we got down to the idea of having a hedge along the front and using fencing for the portions turning back toward the house. That way we maximize the width of the patio and soften up that end wall with a bunch of green. Oh and then the idea of using the pavers on the walkway up to the house as well as for the patio. I love that idea because it makes the walk way less a part of the parking area and more inviting! I'm so glad that we had him come by. Way to go Molly for making that call! Hopefully he will be able to work our little project into his fall/winter schedule. It would be so great to have that patio ready and waiting for us in the spring. Of course having it done right this very moment would be even better but reality does play a bit of a role here.

Tomorrow Molly has an interior designer coming by to give her some ideas. Since any of his ideas could just be mirror imaged for my place, I'm looking forward to seeing what he has to say too.

It's starting to feel like we are gaining ground on all of the house ideas. Oh and then there's the insulation contractor coming by to submit a bid next week. It feels a bit overwhelming to have all of these things going on at once but it also feels exhilarating! Just need the money to hold out so that all of these ideas can become reality. Anyone want to give me a sizable amount of money with no strings attached? I would put it to very good use I promise.

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