Monday, September 10, 2007

What a house transforming weekend!!!

Had a fantastic house focused weekend. On Friday night I cleaned/tidied up the kitchen and living room. Kristie was going to come by on Saturday for the first time so I wanted her to see the place in a somewhat presentable form. I also watched Molly's Netflix "Night at the Museum". Not great but it was perfect for a laid back Friday night.

Saturday started with my usual massage and then back home to get cleaned up. Molly had an interior designer come by and I really wanted to be a fly on the wall to hear what he said. I hope Molly didn't mind Kristie and I both chiming in WAY too often with our opinions. She and I cannot seem to hold back when it comes to decorating.

Then I finally got to show off my little place to Kristie and she had some great ideas. One in particular which moved my bedside table into the kitchen nook. The bedside table is really more of a sideboard looking piece with two drawers and two shelves. The black finish of the unit really makes the black accents in the fridge and stove work! It's great.

Then we went to lunch because we were both about to pass out from hunger. Then off to Don Willis Furniture on Lake City Way, Two Tigers Trading in LFP, Ethan Allen, Anna's Furniture and Tuesday Morning.

Talking to Kristie back at my house had made me realize that I had outgrown my summer quilt. It's a cute beach inspired block quilt from Pottery Barn Kids. I really wanted to get something a bit more grown up. At Tuesday Morning I stumbled across a light weight striped quilt called "Retro Sienna". I'd post a pic here but I can't seem to find one. I'll bring the one from the package in tomorrow and scan it. It has every single color in the world in it without being overwhelming or obnoxious. I am loving it. Oh and it goes great with my yellow sheets, big bonus. I think my both my blue and green sheets will work too.

So with the bedroom getting an identity but now lacking a bedside table I spent a bit of Sunday trying to fill that void. But first on Sunday I met Mel for a walk into Fremont, lunch @ Jai Thai, and a stroll through the market. A great way to start the day! From her place I went into downtown to look at Furniture. I went to "It's Gotta Go" and Continental Furniture but didn't find anything. Then to Cost Plus where I found a few promising items. The most interesting is the Tate Media Stand which doesn't seem to be on their web site. Bummer.

Then I stopped by David Smith & Co which didn't have anything interesting. Then to Far Fetched where I hit the jackpot! Ok not really the jackpot but I found a side table that I really love, the price was most definitely right ($199) and they had it in stock! Talk about instant gratification. The only drawback is that it is a bit shorter than I wanted but I'm working out a McGuyver fix for that. It's the Sterling Park 1 Drawer Nightstand from Zocalo. Isn't it cute?

Now I just need to find a small dresser to house the unmentionables. Oh but then there was the idea that Molly's Interior Designer had about the closet. It involves a bit of construction but would create a great walk in closet space that would be SO great. Gotta see if I can find room in the budget for that!

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